A new luxury tender category is born.


It was one of the most embarrassing nights of their lives.

After a lavish New Year’s Eve celebration in St. Barth’s, Mark and Natalia, dressed to the nines, made their way back down the dock. Seasoned boaters, they secured their shoes and belongings into a garbage bag to stay dry. From the inflatable tender he extended his hand to help her board. But even keen balance and years of experience could not save her from slipping on the wet rubber tube. She plunged into the dark, cold water below. Not about to let go, and with very little to retain him, he was pulled in after her. They surfaced, drenched in defeat, him with a dislocated shoulder and both feeling there had to be a better way.

A Tender designed and built around comfort and safety for the most precious cargo you carry; Your loved ones.